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We Are Your Solution!

Have multiple pets making boarding costs through the roof?

We Are Your Solution!

Recuperating from surgery and need someone to care for your pet?

We Are Your Solution!

Metro reliant, yet still need to get your pet to a vet or grooming appointment?

We Are Your Solution!

Did the cable company give you a window from 10-2pm and you have a 1pm meeting?

We Are Your Solution!

Do you have family visiting from out of town and they need someone to drop by and care for their pet?

We Are Your Solution!

Working short notice overtime and your dog needs walked?

We Are Your Solution!

Does your commute make for a long day and you need someone to take your pet out before you get home?

We Are Your Solution!

Going on vacation and need someone to check in on your cat while you are gone?

We Are Your Solution!

Is your dog getting a little older and finding it hard to go all day without a bathroom break?

We Are Your Solution!

Have an aging pet that needs extra care and you want someone to spend the night with them?

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  • Let SPOT Check ease your mind!
  • With SPOT Check we send you an on the spot email
  • with pictures of your pet, notes about the visit and
  • GPS verification of our visit time and place!
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SPOT Check

What is SPOT Check and what can it do for you?

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Pet Safety Tips

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Restraining Your Dog While Driving. How to keep your pet safe on the road.

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Cat name generator!  Have some fun!

Pet Fun

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Pet Sitting

Unleashed commonly cares for dogs and cats, however there are many small animals that we offer pet sitting visits for.  We are more than happy to care for your bird, fish, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, and even hermit crabs!

We do not have additional charges for additional pets!


Our pet sitting visits include the following where appropriate:  A walk and play time, fresh food and water, clean litter box or cage, TLC -in the form of belly rubs, brushing, or cuddling; and a SPOT Check.  We also perform home security tasks and care for indoor/outdoor plants as requested.

Tailor the duration and number of visits to suit your needs.  If your cat just needs checked in on once a day then a 15 minute visit could be for you.  Multiple pets, and active adult dogs might need longer multiple visits per day.  We can help you discern what is best for you and your pet!

3 visits per day or overnight and 1 midday minimum for all dogs.


15 minute visit   $20.00
30 minute visit   $26.00
45 minute visit   $33.00
60 minute visit   $40.00
rush hour fee   $5.00   





Our rush hour fee is for visits schedule between the hours of 4:00 - 6:00 PM weekdays.  This fee goes directly to the staff for the eatra drive time.


We also offer overnight stays for our clients that prefer the presence of a caregiver overnight.  They can start between 9-11 PM depending upon availability. 


10 hour overnight stay   $75.00   
8 hour holiday overnight stay   $100.00


Be sure to read our policies page!





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